Devon Commercial Photographer

Have you included all the photos from the session in the gallery?

I will have taken hundreds of photos in one session of a few hours so I will generally only put up the photos that I think warrant going up and being sold.
If you have seen me out in the water but don’t see any of your waves, do feel free to get in touch.  Bear in mind if it’s not in the gallery I may have missed you or it isn’t a good enough photo.


How do I buy a shot?

Click on the photo thumbnail and purchasing options will be below the image.
A Price list  can be seen at the top of each gallery, with prices for digital downloads, prints and other wall products.
The small watermark in the bottom corner will be on any photo purchased.


What can I do with a digital purchase that I've bought from you?

You may use the photo for personal use, so you may print it, put it on Facebook or Twitter.  I do ask that you do not sell it on, or use it for any commercial use.
I really appreciate it if you leave the small watermark on, as it lets people know where to find my site; and will allow me to continue with my love of surf photography.